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Being a client with a contemporary communications agency is sometimes not an easy job. Copy-paste lingo and mystification of the process is common practice and hardly ever works in favour of the end result.

At Enchilada, we like to keep things simple and concise. Or at least as simple and concise as possible. Of course a clever communications solution can’t be obtained without in-depth knowledge, specialist skills – and yes – a little jargon here and there. But with a whole lot of common knowledge, we manage to keep things light and easy to digest. The scratch test is our managed workflow that consists of three steps, that can hardly be misunderstood.

After all, it’s communication, not rocket science. 

we listen
At Enchilada we are tailors, we don’t do confection. A good solution is hardly ever an “off the shelf” solution. In order to come up with the perfect fit, we do nothing. Nothing but listening, listening very carefully, to what you have to say. Your wants, needs, concerns and ideas. We are seriously curious and heartfelt honest. We might ask challenging questions. Always to get to the core of the question.

we analyze
The client is always right, except for the times he isn’t. You said you want it red, we assume you expect us to say “Why?”. And we will. In order to come up with alternative strategies and unexpected insights, we challenge everything that used to remain unchallenged. We try to rephrase the information in a new way to reveal new possibilities. New possibilities that will get you further...

we invent
At Enchilada we design solutions that stem from what’s needed, instead of what we’re used to. Never trust people who seem to know everything up forehand, these are mostly people that solely rely on what they know, instead of what they want to achieve.
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The very core of Enchilada consists of a team of six creative specialists, each of them dedicated to his own speciality. This makes sure that you always have a fully equipped team around the table.

Jan Willem van den Ban

Creation & Communication
+31 (0)6 26 20 60 60

Paul Weverling

Business & Strategy
+31 (0)6 24 82 01 37

Taco Sipma

Creation & Strategy
+31 (0)6 22 99 04 38

Erik-Anton van Dun

Visual Designer
+31 (0)6 18 81 81 11

Rieme Gleijm

Visual Designer
+31 (0)6 24 11 20 82

Laura Broersma

+31 (0)6 30 36 41 20

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