Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest

Adventurous visual identity

Ambitious, courageous, competitive and agile. The brand personality of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra is a powerful one. Enchilada and Bureau Bunk created an adventurous visual identity that perfectly fits the brand.

Adaptive identity 

The basic metaphore for this identity is the kaleidoscope. As such it refers to the many musical styles and activities of the orchestra and all its different target groups. The metaphore is translated visually into a solid outer shape that represents the identity of the orchestra. The inner shape will adapt to the message and target audience.

Unique type design 

Enchilada/Bureau Bunk also created the RPhO’s own type design, which is both playful, legible and highly recognizable. This typography is an invaluable identifier for the Orchestra. 

Listening chair 

As part of a brand activation campaign Enchilada/Bureau Bunk developed an enormous listening chair that travels through the city. The chair enables complete families to listen to music performed by the RPhO. Thus the Orchestra reaches out to an entirely new audience

Improved awareness 

Ever since the introduction of the new visual identity ticket sales have increased with 5%. Research shows that the brand awareness of the orchestra is significantly higher than before. A direct result of the RPhO’s remarkable visual design.

Hogeschool Windesheim

Revitalizing identity

Brand refresh and design system
Commissioned by Dear

Reclaim Your City

An unruly identity for an unruly label

Label identity and vinyl sleeves

City Nieuwegein

The power of co-creation

The municipality Nieuwegein wanted to enhance the attractiveness and relevance of its town centre. As ‘City Nieuwegein’ this area should become the place to be for the whole region in terms of living, shopping, culture and entrepreneurship. In terms of architecture a lot had been done: shopping areas were re-designed, a new library, city hall and housing facilities were built. But to establish a genuine and widely shared City feeling even more efforts were needed. We and the public space experts of DeWijde Blik were asked to come up with ideas. We are both very experienced in dealing with complex processes with many different stakeholders.

Shared vision 

We felt that for a succesful development of City Nieuwegein the cooperation of all stakeholders - government, entrepreneurs, cultural institutions and inhabitants - was imperative. We organized several workshops to investigate the needs and wishes of all parties. In the process the stakeholders became convinced of the importance of working together and to develop a shared vision. Subsequently we came up with an extensive plan for thematic events and an accompanying communication schedule.

Modular identity 

As a next step we created a playful and colourful visual identity for City Nieuwegein, inspired by its new architectural look and feel. Because the new identity is modular, all stakeholders can use the different building blocks of the shared City identity for their own visual communication. Thus they are able to take part in the common events in their own distinctive way, yet sharing the same objectives. Bookstores and library promote books and magazines related to the event, restaurants serve theme menus, the theatre connects its programming.

Shared City feeling 

The message ‘Support each other for a powerfulCity image’ is embraced and put into practice by all stakeholders. The cultural sector flourishes, with music and dance festivals, food events and so on. City Nieuwegein is happening.

In co-operation with De Wijde Blik


The healthiest building in The Netherlands

The largest wooden building in Rotterdam will be built on the ideas of biodiversity, healthy living, sustainability and sharing. The identity reflects the structure of the building. The campaign concept expresses the inverse idea of less is more.
In co-operation with De Wijde Blik

Gemeente Almere

Street harassment is a snake

Awareness campaign
In co-operation with Lamar Communicatie


The Feynman factor

The National Institute for Subatomic Physics Nikhef coordinates the experimental scientific research in this field performed in the Netherlands. The organisation has a great international reputation. Nikhef asked us for an overall visual representation that would match this position. An unified visual image of all communication tools should also enhance the recognizability and appearance of Nikhef.

Clear and distinctive 

We changed the somewhat formal logo N.I.K.H.E.F. to the more friendly Nikhef. With right in the middle a subtle graphic element that refers to the well-known Feynman diagram. This element, with its typical inclinations, is applied to the design of all Nikhef documents. Being an integral part of all the new developed grids and lay-outs it constitutes a clear and distinctive visual identity for Nikhef.


In a different form the Feynman diagram had been a part of Nikhef's former identity. By reusing this strong element we strenghtened the acceptance of the new identity. The scientists immediately felt familiar with it and were highly motivated to implement the new communication guidelines. We also initiated and designed a popular scientific magazine with the title ‘Dimensies’. Its goal is to make Nikhef's activities known to the general public and future Nikhef employees.

Hoge Vrijheid

The sky is the limit

Project identity for this building that offers a wide range of opportunities to compose your own apartment.
In co-operation with De Wijde Blik

Electric Deluxe

Unorthodox typeface identity

The well-known Rotterdam-based dj and producer Speedy J is the founder of a label for adventurous and heavy techno. Electric Deluxe is a platform for artists selected by him. Besides being a music publisher Electric Deluxe is also a booking office and a producer of music festivals, events and merchandise. For all these brand-driven services Electric Deluxe needed a powerful visual identity.

Typeface represents identity 

Artists prefer their album covers to be totally supportive of themselves, only holding their name, the name of the project and their own logo. We were challenged to find a solution that would accomodate the artists wishes and at the same time communicate the Electric Deluxe identity. And we came up with a totally new idea, a visual identity without a logo. We developed a remarkable and flexible typeface that in itself defines the identity of Electric Deluxe. Thus the branding activities of the artists and Electric Deluxe can coexist.

Cumulative effect 

The flexibility of the typeface guarantees that all products and services have their own distinctive appearance, whether it's cd’s, vinyl, flyers, t-shirts or posters. And it also works well on new media like Spotify and SoundCloud. The distinctive lettering makes the small images of the album sleeves easy to recognize. Because the typeface identity of Electric Deluxe covers all its activities, the effect adds up. One activity reinforces the other. It makes Electric Deluxe as well-known as its founder Speedy J.

Het Scheepvaartmuseum

Maritime transformation

The Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam wished to transform itself into an experience museum. It identified three different target groups: people who want to learn about maritime history, people who are interested in art and culture, and families and others who seek entertainment. We were assigned to develop a visual identity that fitted the new profile.

Extensive research 

Before we could start designing, we needed a clear view on the museum's history, housing and collection. We spoke with the communication team, the curators and the architect who would remodel the building. We also studied the visual identities of other maritime museums in the Netherlands. And we visited one the worlds leading museums in the field in Sweden.

National allure 

Our first advice was to change the name of the museum. All Dutch maritime musea connect their name to their location. If The Scheepvaart Museum Amsterdam would carry on as The Scheepvaartmuseum, the image of the museum would immediately be national in stead of local.

Adaptive identity 

The new adaptive visual identity that we created, enables the museum to communicate with all three target groups in a distinctive way. The basic form of the visual identity, and all communication deriving from it, is the maritime signal flag. And we developed several colour ranges based on the different sky colours in the museum's collection of sea paintings. With these colour schemes the museum can communicate in a professional businesslike manner as well as a more exuberant way.

Adventurous typography 

We combined various typographical characteristics from the museum's collection into a new type font that is directly associated with the museum. We designed a different set of letters for each target group. This striking typography not only emphasizes the new adventurous identity of the museum, but also addresses the target groups in a playful way. 

Powerful brand 

Two years after the opening of the renewed Scheepvaartmuseum the number of visitors had doubled. And there was a strong increase in brand awareness, it was twice as high as before. Visitors appreciated the new museum by giving it a score of 8 out of 10. The Scheepvaartmuseum is now in the top 10 of strongest museum brands in the Netherlands.

Dag van de Architectuur Amsterdam

Celebrating architecture in every shape or form

Project identity for a yearly festive architecture weekend in Amsterdam

De Wijde Blik

Connecting people and places

An identity about people, places and patterns


Let it grow

Internal growth campaign

De Zonnebloem

Volunteers are at the heart of the organisation

A humane visual identity and design system
Commissioned by Dear

Motion 10

Supporting an expanding company

The visual identity for IT company Motion 10 supports their growth ambitions from logo to cars and XL room dividers.

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